Into the deep

Wednesday, Sept, 21 2016

The sun arose, as my alarm beep for several times, telling me that it’s morning already. The sky dark, covered by light clouds, then after several minutes, the sun came out from the cliff of Padar Island, shift the moon and the new day has just begun.

Early morning, everybody has set up their own equipment and the boat was heading to the Manta point, in the third day of our liveaboards journey. After Fabi, our dive master telling us to descend to below, I felt something really strange during our dive this morning. Not only because my stomach hurt but also that impacted my confidence in my dive.

The current blows as we reached 15 meters down, looking for some manta rays in the Manta Point of Karang Makassar. At first, I was almost separated by Amel, my dive buddy because I had trouble in controlling my buoyancy. I thought because I put some more weights without wearing my additional wet-suit and that made difficult to float in the water column, I almost didn’t notice because was too concern with my buoyancy, and I realized I was left behind.

I kicked my fins and trying to reach everybody. The light disappeared, my dive computer told me that it was 25m, an the current still trying to get me down. I reached Amel and still trying to stick with the group. I re-checked my dive computer constantly and after several minutes it beeped fastly and it showed 36 meters!

It won’t stop, the current even getting stronger down below. I saw everyone was fading as the lights couldn’t penetrate in the depth, I hold Amel’s hands, and we got cross the sand dune. I saw a weight belt, I thought it belongs to somebody in our group. As I see around, I couldn’t see anyone except Andy! I saw Retno’s bubble disappear, as Ichsan’s yellow fins flapped to the surface.

I was confuse and don’t know what to do.

The current keep blowing strong. And I still holding Amel’s hand, trying to stick together even though we separated from everyone. Andy kept telling me to always watch him, but my breath getting heavier. My dive computer keeps beeping and it shows 38 meters! We kept dragged down by the current.

I gave signals to Andy that I had trouble with my regulator. The water kept flowing through the hose and prevent me to breath. I couldn’t breathe! I almost couldn’t see Andy because we just keep being separated by the current. I told Andy I had trouble, I had trouble!

And I was almost lost my consciousness as very little air coming from my regulator and I swallowed salt water way too much. I floated to the surface with uncontrolled buoyancy, I was unable to deflate the air from my BCD. Andy suddenly came out and gripped me with his hands, we went through surface almost like a rocket and my vision became blurry. I couldn’t almost remember everything at that time. My dive computer beeped continuously, trying to tell that we ascent too fast. Andy still gripped my foot, trying to slow me down.

As the light went through, I realized that we reached shallower depth, and I can breathe properly. Andy asked me whether I am okay, my breathing tempo started to normal and we holding on to the reef, though the current still strong. We swam to the shallower depth, slowly, many creatures welcomed us, two mobulas and two hawksbill turtle. That may cheer me up a little bit while I was trying to gather my consciousness. Andy still asked me whether I was okay, and I said I was okay, though I still didn’t fully understood what was just happened.

I am tired.

The current started to blow again, in the depth of 10 meters, we were holding on to the rock, and I said to Andy I want to go up and finish the dive. Several minutes later, we did our safety stop and begun to ascend. We reached the surface, and I was lost of control.


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